Cavaliers Removing Dan Gilbert’s Letter About LeBron James From Website is Telling

By RantSports Staff
LeBron James Cleveland Cavaliers jersey return
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Since July of 2010, the scathing letter about LeBron James wrote by Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert has been on the team’s website for all to see. Following the July 4th weekend reports that Cleveland’s chances of landing the self-proclaimed King in 2014 NBA free agency, the Cavs removed the letter from their site. Coincidence? Not a chance.

Whether or not the reports are true, one thing is blatant: The Cavaliers would welcome LeBron back with open arms. Of course, the team would have to move some pieces around to make room for a max contract, but the Cavs are reportedly already in the process of making that happen.

Another possibility is a sign-and-trade between the Cavs and Miami Heat that could involve Cleveland’s No. 1 overall draft pick from this year, Andrew Wiggins. That’s just speculation, but you better believe Gilbert and his staff would pull the trigger on that deal in a heartbeat if it was placed on the table. Regardless of how it happens, the Cavaliers are not only willing to bring back LeBron, as evidenced by the removal of Gilbert’s letter from their website, they now apparently believe they have a real chance to add a fairytale ending to this incredible saga.

LeBron returning to Cleveland would be one of the greatest feel-good stories in sports history, but he and Kyrie Irving would have a Herculean task ahead of them in turning the Cavs into title contenders.

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