Charlotte Hornets: P.J. Hairston's Recent Off-Court Troubles A Bad Sign

By Everick Davis
Rob Kinnan- USA TODAY Sports
Rob Kinnan- USA TODAY Sports

The Charlotte Hornets‘ recent draft pick, P.J. Hairston, has gotten himself caught up in trouble again. Over the weekend, it was reported that Hairston got into a fight with a high school basketball player at a YMCA in Durham, North Carolina. Hairston has a history of trouble, so this could be a sign of more to come.

The Hornets drafted Hairston under the notion that he would stay out of trouble and become a productive player. It’s never a good sign when your draft stock drops because of attitude issues and a checkered past. If Hairston would have been eligible to play for UNC last year, he likely would of been the top-ranked shooting guard in the NBA draft. When Hairston went to play in the NBA Development League, it looked like he understood that he needed to make some changes.

For most players, a “minor altercation” in a pick-up game is something that can be easily swept under the table, but for a guy like Hairston, it just works against him. Hairston has to be better than the average player off the court to prove that he won’t be a problem player in this league. Hairston’s past troubles will make a big deal out of this situation and any sort of controversy that he is involved in.

For the Hornets, this situation needs to be handled quickly and firmly. They have to create an atmosphere for Hairston where this type of behavior isn’t accepted. Home for Hairston is very close to where he’ll be beginning his NBA career, so the Hornets might have more trouble from him in the future.

Hopefully for Hairston and the Hornets, this incident will not be a sign of things to come. It would be a shame for a player of his caliber to lose a chance like this because of off-court issues. The Hornets will need Hairston’s talent next year, so fans can only hope that he can keep his nose clean from now on.

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