Chicago Bulls Should Try To Sign Dwyane Wade In NBA Free Agency

Dwayne Wade

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bulls have set themselves up to have a big offseason this summer, yet as we get closer and closer to decisions from Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James, it appears that the Bulls are going to strike out again when it comes to signing a premier player in NBA free agency.

Signing Dwyane Wade may have seemed like an impossibility just a week ago, but with the ever-changing waves of free agency and the increased possibility that James takes his talents elsewhere, Wade could end up in the Windy City if Chicago is willing to make a bold move to sign him.

Certainly, Wade would prefer to return to the Miami Heat; he has spent his entire career with the Heat and is definitely loyal to that organization. Yet, if the Heat lose James, they will most like lose Chris Bosh as well; and as much as Wade loves Miami, I doubt he will be content to play out his career for a mediocre team, which is the best-case scenario in Miami sans the Big Three.

On the other hand, the Bulls can offer Wade the chance to win a fourth NBA championship, and with his ties to the city of Chicago, it’s a move that makes sense from all angles. With a healthy Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah, Taj Gibson, Doug McDermott, Jimmy Butler and Wade, the Bulls would be immediate title contenders.

It’s true that Wade is not the same player he once was, but even at 32 years old last season, the 10-time All-Star still averaged 19 PPG while shooting an impressive 54.5 percent from the field. He did struggle in the postseason and looked fatigued by the end of the NBA Finals, but if the Bulls managed his minutes and kept him fresh for the playoffs, he could help get Chicago over the hump.

After Wade opted out of his contract, it was assumed that he would return to Miami with James and Bosh, and that still could happen. However, if James leaves, the Bulls shouldn’t hesitate to pursue Wade. The all-time great shooting guard is no longer worthy of a max contract, but if the Bulls were to offer a contract in the four-year, $70 million range that they were going to give to Anthony, it’s possible that they could convince him to leave Miami.

Say what you want about the Bulls, but if a 48-win Chicago team was to add an All-Star guard in addition to a lottery pick (McDermott) and a former MVP, the pieces will finally be in place for the Bulls to be a true contender for the NBA title since the Michael Jordan era.

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  • Brian Smith

    I can’t tell if trolling or just an idiot

    • Farva55

      If anyone is an idiot, it’s you. Wade would be OUTSTANDING for 30 minutes a night on this club. Stop commenting on basketball articles, it’s clear you know jack doo-doo.

      • TheArt

        $10-12 million a year for a cripple? Yeah, that’s smart. Brian Smith is right. The author either hates the Bulls, or is a moron. I’m afraid you don’t even give us that choice. Wait, Farva are you from Miami??

  • Jimbo thank you. Maybe for the vet min.

  • TheArt

    So far today, writers from this web-site have suggested that the Bulls are out of the running for Carmelo and that they should sin Wade. Case closed – You guys are idiots.
    Nice knowing you. I have a brain, so I won’t be back.

  • crygdyllyn

    Wade is an interesting idea.
    I like it better than Melo. Melo is SF, and McDermott is our future SF. Melo would only be an upgrade for one year. Melo gets worse, McD gets better.
    Wade, though, fills a definite need — a scoring/defending SG. Butler and Snell are reasons why the Bulls need scoring. Butler regressed, and Snell was not as good as advertised in shooting. Both are great defenders, therefore their value is on the bench.
    If they want to be starters–work on their shooting.
    Starters of Noah, Taj, McD, Wade, Rose would be formidable, and with Bairstow/Smith, Mirotic, Dunleavey, Snell, Butler, D J (hopefully), Heinrich off the bench they would be favorites to win the east.

  • crygdyllyn

    Although Wade is a good idea, I like Lance Stephenson better.
    Younger, and more energy. Better defender than Wade.
    And — cheaper.
    I think Lance has matured, and will be even better in years to come.
    If Bulls don’t sign Lance NOW, they will look back in years ahead, and see Lance as the one that got away. They could’ve had him.

    • kyle

      This kid just said lance is a better defender than wade oohhhhh myyyyy sit down LOL

      • crygdyllyn

        Dwyane WAS one of the best defenders.
        He is no longer. He is slowing down, and he is losing the fire in the belly. His play in the finals against the Spurs showed that.
        I am a Wade fan. But, every player eventually gets older and declines.
        Wade is still an excellent player, but no longer at the top of his game.
        Lance is young and is entering his prime years. Lance is as good as Wade defensively right now. And if not, he will be very soon. Under Thibs, Lance could be even better.
        Moreover, Lance could be had for less money.
        Any contract with Wade now will be overpaying for his production.