Chris Bosh Likely to Sign with Houston Rockets if LeBron James Leaves in Free Agency

By Michael Terrill
Chris Bosh
Getty Images

Everything falls on LeBron James for the Miami Heat this offseason. If the superstar decides to leave South Beach then the Heat are in very big trouble, as their championship aspirations going forward will take a huge hit. It’s not just because James is the best player in the league. It’s because Chris Bosh will also leave the team for greener pastures, which will likely be with the Houston Rockets.

Can you imagine what it would be like for the Rockets to have Dwight Howard and Bosh in the frontcourt? Talk about a devastating combination. No wonder Houston plans to pull out all the stops to ensure Bosh is fully aware how much he means to the organization.

In Miami, Bosh isn’t fully utilized to his maximum potential. The reason for that is because James and Dwyane Wade typically take care of most of the scoring. Since Bosh’s numbers have declined since joining the Heat, the assumption is that his overall game has declined. The reality is he’s still just as good as ever. The only difference being he decided to be a team player by playing the role Miami needed from him in order to compete for titles.

At this point, Bosh is content waiting on James’ decision. If the king decides to re-sign with the Heat, then Bosh will as well. However, if James leaves town then Bosh won’t think twice about doing so too, which will leave Wade in a very frustrated state. The fact that James’ agent is taking meetings with various teams and Heat president Pat Riley hasn’t been able to land any free agents to upgrade the roster doesn’t bode well for Miami.

If the Rockets are able to pry Bosh away from the Heat, one has to assume that they will become instant favorites to represent the Western Conference in the 2015 NBA Finals. As already mentioned, a frontcourt that contains Bosh and Howard is a combination that will go unmatched. There is simply no other team that will be able to handle it defensively. Not to mention, Bosh playing off James Harden gives Houston one more way to score on a consistent basis.

Bosh will seek a maximum contract of $96 million over four years to leave the Heat for any other team.

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