Houston Rockets Rumors: Chris Bosh Would Make Team Instant Title Contenders

By Lucas Davis
Chris Bosh Against the Rockets
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Free agent power forward Chris Bosh may be a better fit for the Houston Rockets at this point in his career than he was when the Rockets tried to lure him to Houston before “The Big Three” formed for the Miami Heat.

Bosh’s game has further developed since playing alongside LeBron James and Dwyane Wade. The additions to his game may not be best suited for the Heat anymore, but they are perfect for playing in Houston. As rumors begin to intensify about the Rockets offering the power forward a max contract, let’s break down just how Bosh could get the Rockets over the proverbial hump that is winning in the playoffs.

The first time the Rockets tried to lure Bosh back home to Texas, he was a dominant post player. He could bang down low with the best of them. He could rebound and play very good defense. Then he went to Miami and expanded his game.

Bosh became a reliable shooter further away from the basket during his time with the Heat because James was so good at getting to the basket. Bosh knew if he floated out, he would get wide-open shots while everyone clogged the lane to defend James. His game is now developed to the point where he is more than capable of knocking down outside shots, even from three-point range. This ended up hurting him last year in the playoffs because the Heat lacked a presence in the post.

In Houston, this is the exact player the Rockets have been looking for. Originally, the thought was that it would be Kevin Love. Now that James has made his future plans uncertain, Bosh may fall right into the Rockets’ lap. If Houston can land this very talented stretch-four with championship experience, it may be enough to dethrone the San Antonio Spurs in the Southwest division.

The Rockets already have perimeter scoring with the best offensive shooting guard in the NBA, James Harden, and an underrated small forward in Chandler Parsons. They have perimeter defense when Patrick Beverley is on the floor. In the playoffs, however, the one position that continually hurt the Rockets was power forward. Terrence Jones improved greatly in his second year, but he is undersized, something that was exposed by LaMarcus Aldridge.

Adding Bosh’s ability to stretch the floor with Dwight Howard in the paint gives the Rockets a formidable frontcourt. They may even rival Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan for best frontcourt in all of basketball. Bosh has the size to play defense on a power forward, and he can step away from the basket and shoot or post up, while also giving the Rockets another solid rebounder in the paint when needed. On offense, it opens up the Rockets for even more scoring.

The second-highest scoring offense would be even better with Bosh stepping out and knocking down shots, forcing his man to abandon the lane if Harden or Parsons drives to the basket. Drawing the defender away from the basket also opens up Howard for more one-on-one chances against his man in the paint, and his ability to play at the rim will improve even more without a second big in the paint to defend him.

If the Rockets land Bosh in free agency, they will have a starting five that can certainly compete for a championship.

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