Josh McRoberts' Signing Will Be the Beginning of the End For LeBron James, Miami Heat

By Max Zelenko
Lebron James Heat
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No disrespect to Josh McRoberts, but are the Miami Heat kidding? It is looking like McRoberts has agreed to a four-year, $23 million deal with the Heat. If ESPN’s report is true, then Miami just spent its full mid-level exception on a player who has a career 5.7 points per game average. More importantly, if this report is true, LeBron James may very well be leaving South Beach, and coming to a new NBA home near you.

He is an extremely solid player, and while Miami needs to fill its roster, McRoberts does not provide an upgrade that LeBron, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh are looking for. And now, the Heat just used one of their few resources on a player who not only has a low points per game average, but also a career 4.2 rebounds per game average. For a power forward, that is simply not good enough.

The Heat do not have many options in regards to building their roster. They have virtually no assets to trade, and need to spend their money on impact free agents to convince LeBron to re-sign. McRoberts is a poor start.

McRoberts will provide solid defense and tenacity on both ends of the court, however, the deal just cannot be justified. Spencer Hawes signed an identical deal with the Los Angeles Clippers. Hawes would even arguably be a better fit with LeBron and Miami. Again, no disrespect to either player, but when a team is trying to convince the best player on the planet to return, these types of moves just will not cut it.

Maybe Miami has this all figured out and this signing is simply part of its plan. Heat fans better hope so. With the NBA making it extremely difficult for teams to sign even two superstars to max contracts, the Heat are not only trying the keep the “Big 3,” they are also trying to add other impact players, who will command decent sized contracts.

By using some of the precious money and resources they do have on McRoberts, the door continues to open further for LeBron to part ways. Every general manager should be on the phone with James’ agent trying to schedule a meeting for the possibility that LeBron James has played his final game as a member of the Miami Heat.

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