Miami Heat Fans Get to See What It Was Like to Live the Decision

By Richard Nurse
Miami Heat
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The NBA truly needs to make their free agency moratorium period even more condensed than the week and a half that it already consumes because all of the speculation and constant 20 second reporting is getting obnoxious.

Pundits say that if Chris Bosh decides to entertain the overtures out of Houston, Carmelo Anthony would form the new Big 3 in Miami. However, some journalists urge patience in regards to the Decision Part Two, while their colleagues are resigned to the hunch that LeBron James would be leaning towards a return to Cleveland, due to the fact that they stalked Dan Gilbert’s private plane at an airport in Florida.

And as all of this overtook sports sites, shows and social media, the public was beat across the face with refuted reports of a phantom Kevin Love, Anthony and Kobe Bryant workout.

It’s hard to believe the credibility of these stories when so many are downright contradictory. Which is why the best a fan can do to avoid chest pains is to ingest their information with a grain of salt or risk being wrapped up in an offseason that is more like TMZ than about telling the truths of your favorite teams.

The controversy is great for keeping the league at the forefront of sporting news — during its four-month break period — but the focus shifts away from rookies like Shabazz Napier bouncing back from an 0-10 start in the Summer League to putting up 17 points, seven assists and four rebounds. It also pushes attention off of James Ennis showing why the Miami Heat were so high on him when they stashed him overseas.

The former NBL MVP is averaging 23 points on 15-of-23 from the field and 9-for-10 from three-point range.

Regardless of what the young guns do, Rich Paul’s (James’ agent) agenda to draw attention to himself or — as Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports reported — his mission to bring LeBron back to Ohio will overshadow them. So as we all await the major Pat Riley-James meeting, the only hope is that the Chosen One chooses to treat this situation like a rocky relationship and let his other half know if he wants to stay or if he wants to go back home.

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