Miami Heat Rumors: Danny Granger Signing Could Lead to LeBron James Returning

Danny Granger Miami

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Heat are making some moves. Josh McRoberts was signed to a deal earlier today and now Danny Granger will reportedly be joining the team. His signing could lead to LeBron James returning to the Heat. And the rest of the Big 3.

The McRoberts deal wasn’t the biggest addition to the team, but it was still a good one nonetheless. McRoberts is not going to be Miami’s go-to guy — not even close — but he fits in nicely with the team. Assuming the Big 3 return.

The signing of Granger is huge, though. Granger could easily start for this team and the Heat are getting him for very cheap.

Granger hasn’t been the best player in the NBA over the last few seasons, but he is averaging 17.4 points per game for his career. You have to remember that he put up 20+ points per game three seasons in a row not too long ago. If he can return to his old form, the Heat will easily make the NBA Finals once again.

However, that may be a big if since Granger has not averaged 10 or more points per game since the 2011-12 season.

Players like LeBron James and Chris Bosh want to compete for a title. That should be everyone’s goal in the NBA. James doesn’t want to wait for his third championship. He wants to compete for one right away. He would do that by returning to Miami. Bringing in a player of Granger’s talent makes that even more true.

Granger joining or not, the Big 3′s future with the Heat is very much up in the air right now.

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  • Jake

    yeah the man LBJ called stupid is going to lure him back. LBJ going to stay in Miami for 2 more years and then opt out again. He ain’t going to stay because of Granger and McRoberts. I’m sure Ray Allen will come back too. I am not even sure a team like this gets out of the East next year, they really need more to win it all.

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  • Juan Tamad

    Granger is another wade…. many thought wade would be back in his old form after resti
    ng him….finals came he played like an old dog!!!!!