Miami Heat's Late Free Agency Gasp Will Prove Too Little, Too Late

By Court Zierk
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The Miami Heat agreed to terms with Danny Granger and Josh McRoberts this afternoon, marking their entry into the NBA free agency sweepstakes. The most interesting part is that Granger’s two-year, $4.2 million deal was completed as part of their bi-annual exception and McRoberts is taking the full mid-level exception with his four-year, $23 million deal. Both of these exceptions are only applied to teams that are operation over the salary cap, which clearly wouldn’t be the case if the big three were disbanding.

This indicates one of three scenarios is likely to play out:

1. Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh could be refusing to take pay cuts and instead are renegotiating their contracts in a way that will utilize much of the the $60 million that was previously split between the big three, thus forcing them to operate in the red.

2. They have inside knowledge about LeBron James’ intent to re-sign with a max, or near max deal, and Wade and Bosh are renegotiating their contracts to take the necessary pay cut.

3. They know that Bosh and LeBron are both leaving, and they plan on signing enough mediocre free agents to take them to the brink of their cap space.

I think the most likely scenario is No. 3. Bosh is being offered a max contract by a Houston Rockets team on the rise where he could go play alongside a younger group of talent. He would be foolish to refuse this offer.

LeBron is being linked more to the Cleveland Cavaliers by the minute. Plus his wife wants to be back in Cleveland. He would be a fool to refuse his wife what she wants. Any man who is married can attest to this statement.

Expect the Heat to continue to be busy in free agency, but don’t expect Bosh or LeBron to be in a Heat uniform. This will once again be Wade’s team — Miami D’Wade County.

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