Oklahoma City Thunder Coach Scott Brooks Is On The Hot Seat In 2014-15

By Matt Barnes
scott brooks may be fired
Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

In the same way Kevin Durant must win a championship this upcoming season, Oklahoma City Thunder head coach Scott Brooks is feeling warmth of the hot seat he is on for 2015. Brooks has failed to win a championship with two of the most talented players in the NBA and has made little to no effort to alter his coaching style in such a manner that would benefit the club. If he doesn’t change, it is time for him to go.

Brooks is nothing if not stubborn. He rarely strays from the path he draws for each game. My biggest criticism of Brooks is his inability to adapt to the feel of each individual game, often sticking to a game plan that is not working and will not work. Countless times during this past season, he failed to remove Caron Butler from the game despite horrific shooting performances.

The Thunder rotation is carved in stone as long as Brooks is in charge, and no, that is not a good thing, despite their star-studded roster. He will rarely adjust mid game depending on the feel and mood, which is perhaps his biggest downfall as a coach. He cannot coach under pressure. If his game plan does not work, he seems to concede ball games because of his stubbornness. He must cease the stubbornness.

Another problem with his coaching style is his lack of creativity. When Durant is either cold or shut down by athletic wings like Tony Allen, Brooks cannot draw a play up to produce any sense of half court offense. that is a significant problem.

If he does not adapt and grow as a coach along with his players, he must be fired.

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