2014 NBA Free Agency: Chris Bosh is in a Perfect Situation

By Trevor Lowry
Chris Bosh Rumors
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The Houston Rockets‘ pursuit of Chris Bosh has helped him out tremendously. Houston still may land the superstar free agent, but a lot of that probably depends on if LeBron James stays with the Miami Heat. Regardless of where Bosh goes, he is in the perfect situation.

When it became known that James wasn’t a guarantee to sign with the Heat, I am sure Bosh and Dwyane Wade were wishing they wouldn’t have opted out of their contracts. After all, both players were essentially leaving a lot of money on the table in hopes of James re-signing.

Well, things didn’t go according to plan, which was a good thing for Bosh. The Rockets then began to pursue him and offered him a big contract. This brought Bosh’s market value up.

So now, Bosh can either sign with Houston for a lot of money, or he can sign with Miami for, well, a lot of money (possibly and likely less than what his previous deal was).

No matter which team Bosh picks, Houston or Miami, he will be on a title-contending team in 2014-15. Not to mention, he will either play alongside (most likely) James and Wade, or Dwight Howard and James Harden. That is a very good situation to be in. Either “Big 3” would probably be considered the best in the NBA.

So although Houston is showing a strong interest in Bosh, it has actually benefited the 30-year-old and makes it that much more appealing to rejoin the Heat, which is the team he apparently wants to play for. Bosh should be thanking the Rockets, and we should all remember that the All-Star has a lot of value.

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