Everyone in Las Vegas Thinks Cleveland Cavaliers Will Win 2015 Title With LeBron James

By RantSports Staff
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Nobody is really confident LeBron James will return to the Cleveland Cavaliers, but there are a lot of people who are pretty sure. Over the July 4th weekend, there were so many wagers placed on the Cavs to win the 2015 NBA championship that Las Vegas Superbook cut Cleveland’s odds of that accomplishment in half.

Before all the reports of LeBron possibly returning to home to play for the Cavs again, Cleveland was listed at 60-1 odds of winning the title next year. But then once speculation started heating up of a possible fairytale ending to the LeBron saga, the wagers poured in so heavily that Las Vegas Superbook put the Cavs at 30-1 odds by the end of the holiday weekend, according to a report from ESPN.

In the same report, the MGM had dropped the Cavs odds all the way down to 10-1 because of all the LeBron bets. But as previously mentioned, nobody put down a ton of money on Cleveland; there were just a lot of small bets placed in hopes of cashing in on the large odds.

Of course, the Cavs’ odds will rise significantly back near the 60-1 if LeBron re-signs with the Miami Heat (or signs with a different team) but for now, there are a lot of people (and likely many outside of Ohio) who truly believe the prodigal son will return to the woeful Cleveland franchise. Whether or not the Cavs would immediately win the title with LeBron is another story entirely…


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