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Houston Rockets Rumors: Chris Bosh Could Be Missing Piece

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Chris Bosh Miami Heat NBA Offseason

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The NBA free agency frenzy is among us, even if it is currently at a standstill. The big chips this summer have yet to fall and it is holding every other player hostage. The Houston Rockets are taking aim at a lesser talent that isn’t named Lebron James or Carmelo Anthony. The Rockets have extended a maximum 4-year $88 million contract offer to the underappreciated Chris Bosh.

News from the Bosh camp was that he is considering the offer. Other sources around him have refuted that notion and insist that he wants to stay with the Miami Heat. This past weekend James and Bosh met to talk about contracts. Stemming from that conversation we have seen Bosh seriously consider the offer from Houston.

Could the discussion between Bosh and James be a small hint that the two are taking their talents to other teams? Bosh recently said in a nutshell he isn’t leaving Miami if James is still there. Regardless of what James does, Bosh should pack his bags and make his way to his home state of Texas.

The upside for going to Houston is a sheer no brainer. Bosh has said time and time again that he doesn’t like banging down low, fighting other traditional centers for rebounds because it is simply too taxing on his body. What better place to display his unique set of skills than in his home state of Texas alongside a dominant center? He is the perfect fit in Houston.

If the Rockets acquire Bosh they can play him at his natural power forward position. With the skill set Bosh has, he could be the answer to all the riddles in Houston. The disappearing act that James Harden has quietly been performing in the playoffs cannot go unnoticed much longer.

Yes, Harden is a first-tier talent that can score and create effortlessly for himself an his teammates. But there just seems to be something missing with him. The big man down low, Dwight Howard, may benefit most from the addition of Bosh. Howard would have loads of space down low and would rarely see a double from another big with Bosh on the court.

Bosh has the ability to become a championship-caliber piece for another Big 3. His championship pedigree, dead-eye mid-range shooting and overall ability to stretch the floor could boost the Rockets into serious consideration as one of the best teams in the Western Conference.

The signing of Bosh would also pressure the Houston brass to sign the versatile Chandler Parsons. Parsons is on a lot of teams’ wish lists of players in free agency. It is absolutely imperative that the Rockets keep Parsons, especially if they can pry Bosh from the sand of South Beach.

A potential Big 4 of Harden, Howard, Bosh, and Parsons could cause migraines for the deep and talented Western Conference. Nonetheless, a Bosh deal doesn’t happen in Houston or Miami until we see what Anthony and James decide to do.

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