Metta World Peace Blog: When You do Not Have a Father Figure, a Strong Mother

By Metta World Peace
Metta World Peace no father or strong mother
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When you do not have a father figure, a strong mother, a loving relationship at home, etc., what happens? What kind of child is raised? What will she become? What are the percentages of success stories?

I get tired of educating people throughout my blogs on the reasons you see incarceration, but it seems like I have to at least once every two weeks. What is the story of black Africans before we came to America? Before we were shipped to America. What was it like? Did we communicate with lions, eat fresh fruit and build communities? Did we fight? Did we share? What was our language? How did we dance and how did we travel? Before the harsh American slashes, were we gentle? Before our families were separated, what were the traditions?

What are the stories behind black people in power not giving an effort to bring positive education to their communities? Why did 60 people supposedly get shot in Chicago over July 4th weekend? How dare I let anyone call me a thug. If a thug doesn’t mean an amazing, kind person, then I am not that.

Now as I transition, I work with people. Not all people, not all ethnicities. I work with people who come from unfortunate backgrounds. Not less fortunate, but unfortunate. Skin color and economic situation do not matter. Please visit to see what Metta loves and don’t listen to stupid writers.
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