New York Knicks Rumors: Possibly Losing Tim Hardaway Jr. in Amare Stoudemire Trade Not Worth It

Tim Hardaway Jr. Rumors

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The New York Knicks‘ No. 1 priority is bringing back superstar Carmelo Anthony. In doing so, the team might have to make a move or two. One of those moves could involve an Amare Stoudemire trade, but possibly losing Tim Hardaway Jr. wouldn’t be worth it.

Is Hardaway Jr. ever going to be a superstar in the NBA? Who knows. However, the second-year player is definitely worth holding onto.

Stoudemire’s contract is horrible considering the fact that he never met expectations in New York. Call me crazy, but averaging 11.9 points per game and 4.9 rebounds per game (this past season’s stats) is not meeting expectations for the former star.

It’s always a risk getting rid of a young player. That would be especially true with Hardaway Jr. His skills don’t scream dominant NBA player, but he is a scoring threat for the Knicks right now. Plus, he has a great shot and that shot is only going to get better. Both of those have to count for something.

Hardaway Jr. is coming off of a season where he averaged 10.2 points per game on 36.3 percent shooting from behind the arc. He was a rookie, so not too bad. Also, we don’t know what his potential is yet. Keeping Melo on the team or not, this team needs more pieces to build around. A young Hardaway Jr. could certainly be one of those piece and he should be part of the Knicks’ future plans.

This is the problem with dealing out big contracts. Stoudemire certainly did the organization some good, but now the team has his massive salary on their minds.

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  • Ray

    Did a computer write this article? I dont understand how you write a article and not have any facts. They do not need to trade Amare to sign Melo. Melo played for the knicks last year and NBA rules permits teams to go over the cap to resigns is own players. Everyone knows that. Number 2 Stoudemire contract comes off the books next year. The sixers take him and hardaway plus a pick(1 round 2015). Just to take on stoudemires contract with money you were not gonna use anyway because you are in rebuilding mode. Makes Since. The reason the knicks are trying to make this move is to free up space to go after Lebron James. Not Carmelo Anthony. Number 3 Stoudemire was pretty effective the first three years of that contract. He was averaging 25 points and 10 rebounds. Then he busted up his knee. Something only God can control is really not his fault. Him averaging 12 and 5 is great considering how many surgeries he wel through to be able to play again. He was a Allstar before this injury. For some reason eveyone forgot this. Number 4 yes it would be nice to see that 24 million go away. but it comes off the books next year anyway and the knicks would be able to offer a max to to a free agent with melo around or not.