2014 NBA Free Agency: Luol Deng's Main Focus Should Be Competing for a Title

By Trevor Lowry
Luol Deng Rumors
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The 2014 NBA free agency period has been put on hold by LeBron James. Sure, deals have been made, but many players are waiting on the King to make his decision. Luol Deng has a decision of his own to make. Although Deng is certainly worth a decent contract, his main focus should be competing for a title.

There is a chance that Deng gets the deal he wants while signing with a contending team. That would be the ideal situation for him. That would be the ideal situation for any player in the NBA.

If I was Deng, I would follow a player like LeBron. James is going to go to Cleveland or Miami. Now, I doubt the Cavs would be able to pay Deng the money he wants, but taking a pay cut wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. There is probably no way that Deng and James are going to be on the Cavaliers together, but stranger things have happened. A more likely scenario — still not very likely — would be Deng playing with LeBron in South Beach.

Basically, Deng’s main focus shouldn’t be money. He is still a player of great value and he could provide a lot to a contending team. I would hate to see him take a deal that would put him on a bad team. Especially at this stage in his career.

Deng is not on Carmelo Anthony or LeBron James’ level, but he is still a hot commodity this summer. As a result, when it is all said and done, I am sure a few teams will be willing to pay Deng the money he deserves. Hopefully those teams are contenders, though.

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