Carmelo Anthony's Biggest Concern Should Be Derek Fisher

By Shane Phillips
Joe Camporeale - USA TODAY Sports
Joe Camporeale – USA TODAY Sports

The circus known as NBA free agency added to the spectacle and speculation as reports began to surface that Carmelo Anthony is leaning heavily toward returning to Manhattan and taking the New York Knicks‘ maximum contract offer. Some reports said that we can expect a decision from Anthony on Thursday while other reports have Melo’s agent saying “he hasn’t made a decision.”

Whether Anthony returns or New York burns itself to the ground, there should be one major factor, one big concern he should have: Derek Fisher. It is somewhat odd to think that Anthony will now be coached by someone he was playing against last season. Might I add that the Brooklyn Nets tried a similar move in hiring Jason Kidd fresh into retirement. That wasn’t exactly a happy or successful marriage. At some points throughout last season, it almost looked like Kidd and the Nets’ sideline were a TruTV show, but I digress.

I will say that Phil Jackson was an incredible coach and has a brilliant basketball mind. Fisher also has a high IQ for the game and a level head on his shoulders. However, and it is a big however, Fisher just retired and is now a head coach. It is a question of experience, but it is also a question of how the roster will react to him. Not everyone can show respect that well (cough, J.R. Smith, cough), let alone take orders from someone who use to be an opponent.

If I’m Anthony, I’m loving the sound of that max offer, but in the back of my mind, I wonder about Fisher. Sure, it is hard to question Jackson, being a man of his stature amongst the sport, but shouldn’t Fisher start as an assistant first? Based on the whole Kidd debacle in Brooklyn, I would be weary-eyed about the new head coach of the Knicks. I think that Fisher is much smarter than Kidd, but coaching and playing are two totally different jobs. Anthony should just keep this little thought in mind.

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