Offer Sheet for Chandler Parsons Could Lead to Dallas Mavericks Getting Eric Bledsoe

By Miotch
Eric Bledsoe
Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

It appears the Mavericks have agreed to an offer sheet with Houston Rockets restricted free agent Chandler Parsons.

Now the Rockets, who are likely to try and snag Chris Bosh from the Miami Heat with a max contract, will have three days after the official signing period to match the offer. Bosh seems to be heading out of Miami with the seemingly inevitable departure of LeBron James.

Parsons was a pretty good offensive player in Kevin McHale‘s system in Houston last year. So if the Mavericks’ inflated offer sheet for the pretty boy isn’t matched by the Rockets, the Mavericks will, at the very least, have succeeded at stripping the Rockets of one their nifty weapons. For the Rockets, it’s a tough decision either way.

But should the Rockets actually spend all that money on Bosh and match the offer sheet for Parsons, the other aesthetically pleasing NBA small forwards, like Luol Deng, will probably have already signed elsewhere.

While that would seem like a conundrum for the Mavericks, it could actually turn into a positive, as it would enable Dallas to instead use that money on a point guard. Phoenix Suns point guard Eric Bledsoe, whom the Mavericks were reportedly interested in before the free agency period began, is maybe the second-best free agent this year, so the Mavericks would be blessed to wind up with such a gifted athlete.

Of course, a lot still has to happen between then and now.

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