Is LeBron James About To Become Most Hated Man In NBA History?

By Brian Anderson
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

For the last four seasons, LeBron James has been one of the most hated men in sports. Even after winning two NBA Championships with the Miami Heat, the hatred followed him up until this very moment. Now, James is ready to make the same move that brought the negative attention around in the first place – leaving a team to seek titles.

Let us rewind to James’ days with the Cleveland Cavaliers. James went to the NBA Finals and failed to win it all. From there it was downhill. He knew he had to leave, but the fans in Cleveland could not accept the fact that their superstar was actually thinking about leaving his hometown in search of winning championships. When it all ended, LeBron was gone and the entire city turned their back on him. In response to James’ departure, fans even burned his jersey on camera.

Fast-forward to now, with James currently a free agent. Unlike the time before, James now has multiple championships under his belt. Many fans in Miami felt that the titles would be enough for James to stick around, but he felt it was still necessary to test the waters. Now fans are waiting for James’ decision. It is yet to be determined what he will do, but everyone is preparing for him to leave Miami to return to the new-look Cavaliers.

If James does indeed leave the Heat, his image may take an even bigger hit than it did with the original “Decision.” Fans, writers and even players will be lining up to take shots at James’ questionable free agency decisions. No one can blame James for wanting more championships, but there are just some things you do not do in the NBA.

Players like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant stuck around until they were great enough to pull their teams through rough times, regardless of the roster around them. That is exactly why I will never put James in the same category of players like MJ and Kobe, who fought through the toughest times and still found ways to win multiple championships in their beloved cities.

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