Los Angeles Lakers Need A New Plan If Carmelo Anthony Does Not Sign

By Brendan Patel
Bob Donnan - USA TODAY Sports
Bob Donnan – USA TODAY Sports

Carmelo Anthony has yet to make a decision, but the Los Angeles Lakers will need to continue looking at options in case he does not sign. There are still several quality free agents on the market, but none of them can be considered superstars just yet. The team will still have an abundance of cap space for next season, and needs to decide how they want to approach the rest of the offseason. They can either gamble on paying a budding star big money, or try to acquire future assets by taking on expiring contracts from teams looking to unload players.

The best case scenario would be if the team was able to sign a young star for the right price, while also adding future assets as the team looks to rebuild. This may be difficult with teams offering large amounts of money to role players, but the team should at least attempt to bring in a player like Eric Bledsoe or Greg Monroe. They might even find success in opening up a conversation with Lance Stephenson, and convincing him to sign a short-term deal to boost his future value. That way, if it doesn’t work out, the team can always restart once Kobe Bryant’s contract runs out.

The team must also take advantage of the fact that so many teams are trying to unload contracts in the offseason to clear out enough space to sign a superstar. This is the chance for the Lakers to acquire future draft picks or a young prospect, as they have enough room to take on extra contracts. It will boost their talent level while also allowing them to remain flexible for the future. This may be the most likely scenario, as the team does not want to commit to long-term contracts that may affect their chances at superstars down the road.

If the team were to lose out on Anthony, then they must go to Plan B and think about their future. They only have a handful of players signed for next year, and must continue to fill out their roster. It may be hard to become a contender right away, but management must get creative to give the team a chance.

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