The Clock is Ticking On Chris Bosh With Houston Rockets' Offer

By Kareem Gantt
Chris Bosh
Bob Donan-USA Today Sports

The Houston Rockets have made their pitch to Chris Bosh, offering him a four-year, $88 million deal to become the third-wheel of their own version of the “big three.”

The problem is, Bosh is waiting around to see what his buddy, LeBron James, is going to do. Bosh’s first preference is to stay in South Beach, where he and his family are happy and Bosh has had great success. But according to sources, if King James decides to take his talents back home to the Cleveland Cavaliers, Bosh will almost certainly take his talents to Houston.

But the clock is ticking on Bosh to make his decision, all thanks to the Rockets’ north Texas rival, the Dallas Mavericks.

On Wednesday, the Mavericks signed Chandler Parsons to a three-year, $45 million deal. As Parsons is a restricted free agent, the Rockets have three days to match Dallas’ offer. The problem is the Rockets currently only have enough money to sign one guy, and Houston has already made their intentions known that they would like to keep Parsons.

This is putting heat on Bosh, who now has only three days until the Rockets will be forced to withdraw their max contract offer to him. Bosh should be a pest to King James on a daily basis, as he has held up the free agent process in Miami. Bosh would love to continue to play in Miami, but he also understands that it is rare to be offered a max contract from a team that is ready to compete now.

Bosh is caught in a pickle. Does he turn down the Rockets offer, hoping that King James will return to the Miami Heat? Or should he take the Rockets’ deal, which would guarantee that he will be competing for championships for the next four years? This is the decision Bosh is faced with right now, and time is running out.

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