Carmelo Anthony Signing With Chicago Bulls Is Best For NBA

By Andrew Fisher
Carmelo Anthony bulls
Getty Images

Now that it’s official that LeBron James is headed back to the Cleveland Cavaliers, the real question is what’s next? What’s next for the rest of the top NBA free agents. Specifically, what’s next for Carmelo Anthony?

A few days ago it was being reported that Melo was headed back to the New York Knicks. It’s too early to say those reports were false, but with each passing day it makes you wonder. Anthony is supposedly still deciding between the Knicks and Chicago Bulls at this point, and the Lakers are out.

But now that LeBron is back in Cleveland, and the Cavs are clearly going to be good next season and beyond, Melo’s choice should be clear. He should sign with the Bulls. Simply because it would be the best thing for the game, in terms of competition.

Sure, he won’t make as much money in Chicago, and that’s likely a big deal to Melo. But can you imagine the battles the Bulls and Cavs would have in the coming years if he took his talents to the Windy City?

If Derrick Rose is able to come back and be the player he was three years ago, you’d have to consider the Bulls the favorites in the Eastern Conference. As much as Vegas wants to put Cleveland in that top spot right now, there’d be no doubt that the Bulls would become the East’s top dog if Melo takes a little less money.

Word on the internet is that Anthony won’t make his decision on Friday. Stay tuned.

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