Carmelo Anthony's Best Chance to Win a Title is With the Chicago Bulls

By Trevor Lowry
Carmelo Anthony Rumors
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It’s your move, Carmelo Anthony. LeBron James is returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Although Melo could go back to New York, his best chance to win a title is with the Chicago Bulls.

Houston, San Antonio and Cleveland are going to be absolutely stacked next season. Oklahoma City still has Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, so it will stay a competitor as well.

It would be hard to pass up a boat load of money, but I think that is what Anthony should do this time around. New York and Los Angeles‘ futures are up in the air right now — both teams are coming off of nightmare seasons.

Look at Chicago, though. The Bulls didn’t have superstar Derrick Rose, yet they still managed to put together a good record and made a run to the playoffs. The team is already set on the defensive side of the ball, but needs help in the offensive department.

Rose will certainly be a huge bonus to the offense, and Anthony would make it really good. He tends to have that effect. After all, he is one of the top scorers in the NBA. Just imagine him and Rose teaming up together. You cannot forget about players like Joakim Noah, though, who is a beast on the defensive end and is an up-and-coming star.

I could see why Anthony would want to go back to New York. The Knicks can offer him a huge contract and Phil Jackson is part of the organization now. Playing for L.A. is probably a dream come true for many players since it is one of the best sports franchises.

With star players starting to team up all over the NBA now, Anthony needs to follow suit.

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