Chris Bosh Contract One of The Worst in The History of NBA

By Ryan Wenzell

The Miami Heat re-signed Chris Bosh to a whopping five year, $118 million contract that makes him the highest paid player in the league. He wasn’t anywhere close to the best player on his own squad last season. That title obviously goes to Lebron James.

This is a head scratcher for president Pat Riley and the Heat. It seems they are a desperate franchise after James took his talents back to Cleveland. It is certainly one of the more bone headed contracts doled out by a franchise in recent memory. Bosh is a second or third option on a championship caliber squad and now he is the game’s highest paid athlete?

The Heat are in real trouble, make no bones about it. They will be looking at Bosh to be the face of the franchise and are also relying on a broken down Dwayne Wade to come back and produce at the two-guard position. Good luck with that. Bosh couldn’t get the job done as “the guy” with the Toronto Raptors, and I have real trouble believing he will take that next step at this point in his career with the Heat.

It is a trying time in Heat land for the franchise and it’s fans. They lost their cornerstone player in James. Now they wildly overpaid a second tier player in Bosh. What direction will they go next? They will certainly need to upgrade the small forward position.

Look for names like Luol Deng and Trevor Ariza in the coming days. I am not sure that moves the needle at all for Heat fans, and it doesn’t help their standing in the East a whole lot.

The East has shifted dramatically on this memorable Friday in the NBA. The Heat are no longer a super power. It will be a while before they are even relevant again.

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