Miami Heat Fans Have No Right to Bash Lebron James… Unless Dwyane Wade Walks

By Max Zelenko


Lebron James Fans
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Today was the day that all NBA teams were begging for. The day Lebron James would finally make a decision, so that the rest of the dominos could fall around the league. With the exception of Miami Heat fans, most people who follow the NBA are pretty satisfied with Lebron’s choice to return to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Heat fans have every right to be upset, but they seem to be taking their reactions to an extreme.

For as badly as he handled his departure from Cleveland in 2010, Lebron should receive as much praise for the way he went about today’s decision. Explaining himself in an essay, James did a great job thanking the entire Miami Heat organization and clearly displaying where his heart lies.

How can Heat fans stoop to the level that everybody criticized over the past four years? Burning jerseys, blocking out his face on a 2012 championship mural. It’s disgraceful. The entire world and especially Miami fans need to understand that a player like Lebron James should never have even left Cleveland in the first place.

Born and raised in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. Grew up a Cavs fan. Drafted by his hometown and favorite team. The narrative is built for this guy to play his entire career with Cleveland. Yet, in 2010 he decided to test free agency. And you had better believe that every single team dreamed what it would be like to have Lebron James playing for their organization.

The Heat were the team who won out in the sweepstakes and were lucky enough to have this guy play in South Beach for four seasons. Miami fans are welcome to feel upset and a little angry with the best player in the NBA going to another team. But the depths they are going to are just not right.

Lebron should never have left Cleveland in the first place, but he did, and Miami was the one team that was able to experience his greatness. The team went to four NBA Finals and won two of them. Miami is the team of the 2010’s and have Lebron to thank for that. Burning his jersey is not even close to warranted.

Just like there is for every rule, there is an exception in this situation. Dwyane Wade opted out of a two-year $40 million deal so that Miami could improve a roster centered around James. Now with Lebron heading back to Cleveland, there has to be some part of Wade that is not happy. Even though it looks like Chris Bosh will be back, which in turn should result in Wade returning as well, there is potential for some hostility.

It is one thing for a player that has only played four seasons with one team to leave and continue his career elsewhere. But for the face of the franchise to leave, unexpectedly, that is a different story. If Lebron’s departure results in Wade leaving, then Heat Fans have every right to be mad. Wade has arguably made Heat basketball what it is today, and he is one guy that should play his entire career with Miami. However, if Chris Bosh departs, Wade would have to take a look at other teams if he wants to compete.

This situation seems to be moot, as both Bosh and Wade are said to be finalizing deals to return to Miami. It was a heck of a run for Miami, and fans need to look back and be grateful. They need to be grateful that the best player on the planet chose their organization to play for, when he should have never left his home in the first place.

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