Miami Heat Rumors: Carmelo Anthony Signing On Post-LeBron James Is Unrealistic

By Andrew Fisher
Carmelo Anthony NBA Free Agency NBA Draft
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With LeBron James taking his talents back to the Cleveland Cavaliers, the NBA rumor mill is putting out buzz like no other. Everyone wants to know what’s next for the rest of the big name free agents. Will Dwyane Wade head to Chicago? Will Chris Bosh bolt for Houston?

But above all else, everyone wants to know what’s next for Carmelo Anthony.

The latest and greatest buzz has Melo deciding between the Bulls and New York Knicks. But what if things went in a completely different direction with Anthony heading to South Beach?

Call it a plot twist or whatever you want, but Melo to the Heat would be absolutely shocking. However, since LeBron is no longer on the roster, the Heat technically have the funds to acquire the prolific scorer.

In theory, Melo could join forces with Wade and Bosh to form a new Big Three. Crazier things have certainly happened.

But at this point the odds of Anthony headed to South Beach are slim and none. The only way I ever thought he had a chance of playing in Miami was alongside James, and if Bosh took his talents elsewhere. The Big Four was never going to happen, simply because there wouldn’t have been enough funds to go around.

While you should never say never in world of sports, or life in general, I’d place the odds of Melo-to-the-Heat at less than five percent. Unless Pat Riley pulls off the greatest recruiting job of his front office career, Anthony is headed to The Big Apple or Windy City.

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