Miami Heat Will Regret Signing Chris Bosh to Maximum Contract

By Dave Daniels

This is not how general manager Daryl Morey saw things shaking out. Chris Bosh has signed the maximum contract possible to remain with the Miami Heat and Pat Riley could be aiming at an even bigger power play. The power forward agreed to return to Miami on a five-year, $118 million contract, which ESPN reported earlier today. That is real steep.

What happens now?

Well, do not expect Dwyane Wade to re-sign with the franchise that drafted him. We should also all keep an ear on what Carmelo Anthony and his agent say publicly in the next few days. My bet is that one of them joins the Chicago Bulls.

Phil Jackson has maintained that Melo will stay in New York City, but at times there seems to be a communication divide between those two in the media. It is possible that the forward’s interest could be piqued by Miami at this late hour, but it’s not likely.

Now let us move on to Bosh.

This was an absolutely stunning day for basketball, and the power forward must have left the Houston Rockets absolutely floored. It had been widely reported that Bosh would join Morey’s roster if James ended up leaving, and it seemed like the best basketball situation for the jump-shooting big man.

But Riley must have gone into full “Godfather” mode on Bosh over the last few hours and convinced him that adding another superstar to the fold would not be an issue. In the end, all parties involved will regret this move, because Wade should follow LeBron’s lead and head back home. People forget that the Bulls were close to landing the shooting guard last time around.

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