Pau Gasol The Key For Carmelo Anthony To Return To New York Knicks

By Gustavo Braga
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Knicks have gone from favorite to underdog to landing Carmelo Anthony many times during this whole free agency process. What is going through Melo’s mind that won’t allow him to commit to coming back to New York?

He received the red carpet treatment from teams around the league. He talked to Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James — some of his best friends in the league, two of whom have already had the experience of exploring free agency — about the whole situation but he can’t seem to make up his mind. I can’t help but think this uncertainty has to do with the Knicks and the team’s projections going forward.

Anthony has reportedly stated that he likes what the new team President Phil Jackson is doing with the franchise and does not fear the fact that the new head coach is a rookie. Jackson has already made moves to improve the roster and team chemistry by bringing PG Jose Calderon along with three more players in a trade with the Dallas Mavericks, but this is probably not enough for Melo to commit. This is where Pau Gasol could make a difference.

Anthony reportedly loves Gasol’s game and after his meeting with the Los Angeles Lakers signaled that he was hoping he could lure him to New York. But Gasol himself hasn’t made a decision about his destination yet. Jackson told the media yesterday that he’s been talking to his former player in an attempt to convince him to take less money now and be part of a championship team in the near future. Calderon, a teammate of Gasol at the Spanish national team, has also been all over him trying to get him to go to New York.

If all Anthony wants is one last star piece to play alongside him, Calderon and JR Smith, the signing of Gasol could be the catalyst in the process of convincing the seven-time All-Star to come back to the Madison Square Garden.

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