Denver Nuggets: Gary Harris Impresses in Pro Debut

By Court Zierk
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I am often rash with my criticism, and hasty with my judgments. I am not afraid to admit that. Sometimes it makes me look like the smartest man in the room, on the rare occasion I end up being right. But, usually I wind up putting my proverbial pen to digital pad, eating my words and admitting my mistake in a the most public of forums, the Internet.

I have not been shy about my disdain for the Denver Nuggets‘ 2014 draft selections. I went on record saying that they were foolish and represented the dimwitted direction of a disoriented franchise.

Now, let me just say that I could end up being entirely justified in my commentary, but watching the Nuggets’ first NBA Summer League game, Gary Harris is certainly going to do his best to prove I am the moron I am oft referred to as.

I will try not to get too over excited, considering he was going up against players who will probably wind up spending their days as accountants or line cooks, but man did he look good.

His jump shot was as smooth as my baby boy’s backside. He defended with the tenacity of a rabid wildebeest. And he even flashed some athleticism that was one of my biggest areas of concern with him.

Quite frankly, he was far and away the best player on the court for either side, and it wasn’t really even close. With Arron Afflalo and Ty Lawson looking on, he played with the intensity of a kid trying to impress his big brothers, to finally step out of their shadow.

Harris dropped 33 points on 10-of-17 shooting, making 5-of-10 from three-point range. He did manage to get called for seven fouls, which as we all know in big boy basketball would have you on the bench, but that is simply a reflection of his aggressive play. He will get smarter about how to employ his aggressiveness.

I reserve the right to be cautious heading into actual game play, but color me impressed today.

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