Is Dwyane Wade Dallas Mavericks' Backup Plan for Chandler Parsons?

By Miotch
Dwyane Wade
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Domino effect of the LeBron James decision to return to the Cleveland Cavaliers has thrown the entire NBA offseason out of whack. The Houston Rockets‘ intention to match the Dallas Mavericks‘ offer sheet for Chandler Parsons, for instance, may have changed with Chris Bosh re-signing with the Miami Heat.

The Heat, of course, were able to throw up a max contract for Bosh at the last second after James made his intentions clear. But now the Rockets’ front office seems to be afflicted by even more indecision than New York Knicks free agent Carmelo Anthony right now.

The Mavericks don’t know what the Rockets are going to do. However, if Houston doesn’t match the Parsons sheet, the backup plan for Dallas might not be to go after small forwards Luol Deng or Trevor Ariza, but instead try and grab that other former member of Miami’s Big 3—Dwyane Wade. ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith said on Sports Center last night that the Mavericks have reached out to Wade, which pits the Mavericks against the Bulls (who are also interested in Wade) for the third time already this offseason.

Of course, Wade is from Chicago, so it’s no surprise the Bulls would try to prey on any LeBron-like sentimentality, but it’s quite intriguing the Mavericks would do it. Tall-baller Dirk Nowitzki has made no secret of his hatred for Wade, so the idea of Mavericks owner Mark Cuban (and perhaps Nowitzki?) looking past that even on hypothetical levels is sort of interesting.

But Wade, even with his injury history, is better than both Deng and Ariza, so perhaps resurrecting the star power of the shooting guard Wade is a pretty neat plan C for Dallas should the Rockets match Parsons.

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