Mark Cuban, Dallas Mavericks Lose Vince Carter to Memphis Grizzlies

By Miotch
Mark Cuban
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban said during this past season that he wanted both Shawn Marion and Vince Carter to retire Mavericks. Apparently, though, one of them won’t be doing that.

Carter, 37, has been one of the best sixth men in the NBA for the Mavericks these past few years. Still jumping high and doing his ‘Vinsanity’ thing, Carter’s age was definitely not a factor. And the Mavericks did want him back, so why couldn’t the team do it?

The answer can only be Cuban’s post-NBA lockout ways, which are on the frugal side. One day Cuban’s promoting “VInceforVI” t-shirts, the next he’s giving Carter a lowball offer. It’s the sacrifice Cuban is willing to make in order to sign young, flashy players like Chandler Parsons, but now the Mavericks have another hole to fill.

First it was the point guard position after the Tyson Chandler trade, and now Dallas needs to find a new sixth man.

Carter shouldn’t be blamed for leaving, either. The Memphis Grizzlies‘ offer of $4 million per season is less than the MLE. Carter is worth a lot more than that. And it’s not like he left Dallas to ride some prima donna’s coattails for a ring, so he can’t be called a sellout. Carter has always been about the game.

The Grizzlies’ operation, led by young owner Robert J. Pera, is sort of futuristic. Maybe Cuban not bringing back Carter just means he isn’t keeping up with the times.

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