Dallas Mavericks Score Touchdown in Getting Chandler Parsons

By Miotch
Chandler Parsons
Andrew Richardson-USA TODAY Sports

It looks like the uncertainty of whether or not the Houston Rockets would match the Dallas Mavericks‘ offer sheet for Chandler Parsons is finally over.

It really made zero sense after the Rockets signed NBA small forward Trevor Ariza to a multi-year contract for the team to also match the insane contract the Mavericks offered Parsons. Of course, the Rockets know Parson’s a good, versatile offensive player, but he and Ariza on the floor together would have been one hell of a disjunction.

It’s cool for the Mavericks though that the Rockets might now be willing to take a contract off Dallas’ hands. Perhaps Brandan Wright‘s $5 million dollar salary and a future draft pick for the upcoming season will get the Rockets to reluctantly part ways with their young, pretty boy small forward.

The Mavericks, of course, can use that money to spend on other free agents since Mavericks owner Mark Cuban‘s team is still without a legitimate starting point guard after the trade for Tyson Chandler. Parsons will be a good addition, though. Like Dirk Nowitzki, he’s a good perimeter shooter in spite of his tall height, but Parsons also can penetrate the defense like a skilled shooting guard.

Why the Rockets waited all this time to finally give in and not match Parsons remains a mystery, but the in-state rivalry between the Rockets and Mavericks probably had something to do with it.

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