Dwight Howard Should Explore Returning to Orlando Magic in 2016

By Kareem Gantt
Dwight Howard
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Much was made about LeBron James returning home to chase after championships with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Carmelo Anthony was so influenced by King James’ decision that he decided to stay home himself  with the New York Knicks.

All of this homecoming sentiment got me thinking about something that laid dormant in my mind for the past two years. If James could see that home was truly where he needed to be, would it make any sense that Dwight Howard could somehow figure out that returning to the Orlando Magic in 2016 would be the right thing to do as well?

I mean, Orlando was the place that Dwight Howard became “Dwight Howard.” We watched him grow from a timid, high school prospect, to a dominant tour de force. He made Orlando the place to be, he appeared on major commercials. We sold out home games to watch our Superman soar to the rim and swat shots up into the 20th row. Dwight was our guy. He was our Superman. In every respects, he was our version of King James.

But then, Dwight started listening to the wrong people, telling him that Orlando was just a small market hick town and that he needed to go to a bigger market to has much fame and success. And so, our Superman no longer wanted to be in small town Orlando, and we hated that. We didn’t burn jerseys like Cavaliers fans did, but it hurt equally as much.

Now, with James setting a new trend of superstars wanting to play for their original teams, it could be possible that Dwight may want to dawn an Orlando Magic uniform again and return to the place where he was loved and adored. Because, despite some sentiment, we still would welcome our Superman back with open arms.

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