Houston Rockets Rumors: Rajon Rondo Trade Back On Team's Radar

By RantSports Staff
Rajon Rondo
Getty Images

It hasn’t been the greatest stretch of days for the Houston Rockets. After it seemed like Chris Bosh would be coming to Houston, and that the team would match an offer for RFA Chandler Parsons, things changed very quickly over the weekend. Bosh decided to keep his talents in South Beach, and the Rockets decided to let the Dallas Mavericks have Parsons.

But all is not lost for the Rockets this offseason.

That’s right, the Rajon Rondo-to-the-Rockets rumors have returned. At the same time, it appears the team could also have its sights set on Kevin Love, who’s ready to be traded from the T-Wolves at any moment. It’s thought that Houston let Parsons go in order to try and bring in one of these two stars.

As far as what’s realistic about this rumor, you’d have to lean toward the Rockets acquiring Rondo over Love. The price tag for Love’s services is going to higher, and Houston doesn’t have a whole lot left to offer after dealing Jeremy Lin last weekend.

Perhaps a third team will become involved? Perhaps the Rockets will part ways with multiple future draft picks? They’ll have to do something outside the box to bring in one of the two stars.

If you’re a Rockets fan, you’re just glad that the team is trying to do something. As it stands right now, Houston isn’t going to do much of anything in next year’s loaded Western Conference.

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