Lance Stephenson's Best Bet Is to Stay With the Indiana Pacers

By Kareem Gantt
Lance Stephenson
Steve Mitchell-USA Today Sports

At one point in this crazy 2014 NBA offseason, Lance Stephenson was one of the most talked about names in the pond.

Stephenson even — foolishly — turned down a four-year, $44 million contract from the Indiana Pacers, thinking — foolishly once again — that his value was far more than the peanuts the Pacers were offering him. But so far, Stephenson is turning out to be the biggest loser in an offseason where we saw the best basketball player on the planet go home and a standstill three-point shooting big man get big money.

Stephenson has found out the hard way that although he is extremely talented, many front office executives have not taken to kindly his buffoonery on the basketball court. It’s not that hard to see that those acts of foolishness by Stephenson have caused his value to drop dramatically.

So now, it may be in Stephenson’s best interest to take the Pacers’ offer and stay in Indiana, because it seems like this is the best deal he will be offered this offseason. And it’s not like the Pacers are a garbage team. Now that the empire has fallen in South Florida, the Pacers will be considered one of the favorites in the East. He is not going to get the same amount of money elsewhere with another contender.

So if I were Stephenson, I would crawl back into the Pacers front office and say “my bad,” because he must realize that other teams are not really that interested in him. It’s time for him to lick his wounds and return to the team that — sort of — embraces his foolish antics.

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