Adam Silver's Idea of NBA Mid-Season Tournament Is Nice, But Unrealistic

By Andrew Fisher
Adam Silver
Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

Adam Silver has done an outstanding job since taking over as NBA Commissioner this past winter. His handling of the Donald Sterling situation was superb, and his ‘drafting’ of Isaiah Austin in June was a heart-wrenching, all-time great moment. The guy has been hitting it out of the park as NBA Commish thus far, no doubt about it.

Now it appears Silver is trying to tackle one of the NBA’s biggest problems — its lackluster regular season.

Many joke that the NBA season doesn’t start until Christmas, and others joke that it doesn’t truly start until the playoffs. No matter your opinion, most fans can agree that the regular season could use some spicing up. Silver apparently agrees.

That’s right, a mid-season tournament. It would be something unique to the NBA, as none of the major North American sports have one. But no major sports leagues currently have one for a reason — it’s a strange concept.

Sure, it’s a way to make regular season games more impactful. But at the same time — why would teams care? If winning the mid-season tournament does nothing but boost your place in the standings, players would be unlikely to fully invest. Being mid-season champions isn’t exactly something to write home about. It’s really just one level up from winning an exhibition tournament.

I like where Silver’s head is at with this concept, but I just don’t see it coming to fruition. The only way to truly make the regular season better, is to have a league brimming with talent, where playoff spots are not guaranteed.

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