Groomsmen Wear LeBron James Jerseys to Celebrate the Kings' Return

By RantSports Staff

They say weddings are all about the bride. Well that wasn’t acceptable for a soon-to-be groom in Ohio, who was stoked about LeBron James‘ decision to rejoin the Cleveland Cavaliers after four seasons with the Miami Heat. Instead of throwing a party or pounding some beers with his friends, though, he took his celebration to a whole new level.

As you can see above, Nick Jones, a Northeastern Ohio native, had all eight of his groomsmen pose in different No. 23 Cavaliers jerseys in front of St. Vincent Catholic Church in Akron, Ohio – James’ hometown. Jones himself emulated James by performing his pre-game powder toss ritual.

Fandom makes people do strange things. In this case, he gave his wife-to-be one picture she’ll be sure to pack away and never take out.

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