Josh Smith Deal Would Show Sacramento Kings More Interested In Selling Tickets Than Winning

By Kareem Gantt
Rudy Gay, DeMarcus Cousins, Sacramento Kings
Kyle Terada-USA Today Sports

There is much confusion coming out of California’s state capitol, and no, it does not have to do with politics. It has to do with its NBA team, the Sacramento Kings.

Sources are stating that the Kings are in heavy talks with the Detroit Pistons to acquire the services of Josh Smith, and many NBA pundits are scratching their heads as to why the Kings would want to take on a power forward who can’t shoot outside jump shots and plays sporadic defense.

Add me to the many who are scratching their heads.

Let me put it to you like this: Adding Smith would be a nightmare for DeMarcus Cousins. Cousin’s touches — of which he needs a lot of to be effective — will take a backseat to Smith’s insistence of bricking three-pointers. This could lead to Cousins reverting back to the moody player that the Kings do not need.

In addition to Smith’s bricks, he will be joining another player who seemingly enjoys building a house on the basketball court, Rudy Gay. With two horrible shooters on the floor together, the Kings could very well break an NBA record for lowest field goal percentage in a season, and that would certainly be an embarrassment.

I think the Kings’ main focus is to sell tickets. That is the only logical explanation I can give, because the moves this team is making this offseason surely don’t point to winning. Trading for Smith is not a smart move for the Kings. But hey, who am I kidding? In Sacramento, selling season tickets is all the Kings care about these days.

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