Los Angeles Lakers: Jordan Hill Signing Looks Worse After Recent Acquisitions

By Brendan Patel
Richard Mackson - USA TODAY Sports
Richard Mackson – USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Lakers have added two more players in recent days, Ed Davis and Carlos Boozer, giving them more depth in the front court. Davis has the ability to play both big man positions, and offers a versatile athlete that the team desperately needs. Boozer is a solid power forward, who gives the team a veteran presence. However, after signing two more big men to relatively inexpensive contracts, the singing of Jordan Hill now looks even worse.

By signing Hill to a two-year contract, with a team option for the second year, the Lakers were able to remain flexible for next offseason in their hopes of signing another star player. However, by paying Hill $9 million this year, they effectively ruined their chances of pursuing a younger player still on the market. There are several budding stars that have yet to be signed, but are now well out of the price range of the team due to the large contract given to Hill.

Hill is a very good player who should see an increase in production with more playing time. But he just isn’t worth that much money at this point in his career, and the Lakers proved that they could find adequate big men for a more reasonable price. Hill has yet to prove that he can stay healthy for a full season and the team now has a logjam at the power forward position. He will likely have to play heavy minutes at center, especially against the opposing team’s best big man. It still remains to be seen whether he can handle this position long-term.

The team had the ability to be patient and try to sign a rising player in hopes of giving Kobe Bryant enough talent to make one last run. With so much money committed to the likes of Bryant, Steve Nash, and Hill, the team will now be lucky to compete for a playoff spot. Unless Hill can have a breakout season, the Lakers will be looking to land in the lottery once again, a pick that they might not be able to keep if it ends up falling outside of the top-five.



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