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LeBron James Should Wear No. 6 With Cleveland Cavaliers

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LeBron James

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There are still a few details of LeBron James‘ return to the Cleveland Cavaliers to iron out. First and foremost, the Cavs have to decide whether they’re going to trade for Kevin Love. But other than that, there’s the ‘all-important’ decision part three to make — which jersey number will LeBron sport in his second stint with the Cavs?

LBJ recently took to Instagram and Twitter to pose the question to his fans:

The choice is obvious to me — No. 6.

I subscribe to the theory that no one in basketball should ever be allowed to wear No. 23 again. That number belongs to Michael Jordan. But at the same time¬†Adam Silver isn’t likely to make the call to retire it¬†permanently anytime soon.

Above all else LBJ should stick with No. 6 because of the way things ended for his Cavs No. 23 in 2010. That was the jersey people were burning. That jersey is linked to his first stint in Cleveland, which like it or not, was a failure.

James should stick with No. 6 out of respect for MJ, and to signify a new chapter in Cleveland. Yes, it’s the same number he wore in Miami, but it also doesn’t have the same bad ending associated with it that his No. 23 does.

One can obviously gather that a completely new number is out of the question at this point, which may have been his best move overall. But from a financial perspective, James can still get more new jersey sales by choosing No. 6 for round two in Cleveland.

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