Miami Heat Still Suffering From A Hole In The Middle

By Richard Nurse
Chris Bosh
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Red Auerbach, Sam Presti, Mitch Kupchak and R.C. Buford. Pat Riley can list himself amongst the greatest architects to ever grace the NBA after his latest attempt at rebuilding the Miami Heat for the fourth time in his 19-year tenure.

However his rush job has left the franchise with the same problem that they have had ever since the 2008 storm when Shaquille ONeal was traded and Alonzo Mourning retired. The team has a gigantic hole in the middle that rivals the back of a Damian Lillard jersey.

For all of the warrior praise of Udonis Haslem and activity of Chris Andersen, they only chipped in a combined nine rebounds for the 30th ranked team in the league when it came to boards. And that last place status is only bound to stay the same after losing their leading glass cleaner in LeBron James.

Perhaps the excuses were right and the Heat truly did struggle because they kept Chris Bosh strictly on the perimeter or Haslem picking and popping. Either way, rebounding from the big-man position seems like it will be a liability again this season.

Now many people would assume that the recent signing of 6-foot-10 power forward Josh McRoberts might provide a boost to the frontline, but his length and versatility only attributed to 4.8 rebounds for the Charlotte Bobcats — which would have simply been fourth for the Miami squad.

For all of the great work Riley has put in, there is still a glaring need and minimal resources.

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