Examining Why Chris Bosh Should Have Signed With the Houston Rockets

By Christine Nbemeneh
Getty Images
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Houston, we have a problem!

No, we are not talking about NASA (sorry if I got your hopes up). However, we are talking about something that comes pretty close. The Houston Rockets lost the fight to bring the Miami Heat‘s Chris Bosh to Houston. Bosh has officially agreed to remain with Miami for another five years valued at $118 million. Talk about a payday!

At the young age of 19, Bosh was selected fourth overall and signed with the Toronto Raptors in 2003. With the Raptors, Bosh left a tremendous impact. According to The Star’s Sports News, Bosh joined former Boston Celtics‘ Kevin Garnett and San Antonio Spurs Tim Duncan when he became “one of the only three players with at least 10,000 points, 4,500 rebounds and 600 blocked shots over the last seven seasons [with the Raptors]. Bosh has averaged a double-double in three of his seven years, and is coming off a season where he put up career-highs of 24.0 points, 10.8 rebounds and 52 percent shooting.”

C’mon now! What more could Houston ask for?

Bosh remained with the Raptors until 2010, and then joined Miami. Now the question remains, did Bosh make a mistake and miss an opportunity to make a killer team with Dwight Howard and the Rockets? And the answer is yes! There are plenty of benefits that Bosh would have gained from joining the Rockets and many reasons why he should have made this career change. For starters, he would have been able to play in the Lone Star State that he proudly calls his home. Let’s not forget that alongside Howard and James Harden, Bosh would’ve been an amazing power forward, which could have created one of the greatest trios Houston has seen in a really long time.

This year, fans’ dreams were shattered after the Rockets’ devastating elimination from the playoffs. Houston needs a stronger lineup if it wants to have a chance  of winning next year’s NBA championship and Bosh could have been the perfect solution. Long story short, Bosh made a great mistake!

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