Los Angeles Lakers Made Underrated Move With Wesley Johnson

Kelvin Kuo - USA TODAY Sports

Kelvin Kuo – USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Lakers recently agreed to bring back Wesley Johnson for another year, as they continue to fill out their roster. Johnson had an up and down 2013-14 season, and will be looking to become a more consistent contributor. He should continue to improve his all-around game, and should play significant minutes for the team. The Lakers were smart to bring back Johnson for an inexpensive contract, as they need speed and athleticism to offset their aging veterans.

Johnson showed signs last season of developing into a well-rounded offensive threat. He was more comfortable with his outside shot, and was confident in pulling up off of one dribble. His ability to get out on the break and finish will fit well with players such as Jeremy Lin and Steve Nash, as he should get much easier looks this year. If he can continue to improve his three-point shooting, then he could be extremely valuable to the team.

Johnson possesses all the tools to become a very good defender. He has great length and quickness that enables him to matchup with top perimeter scorers. His elite athleticism allows him to cover up the weaknesses of his teammates, and he shows great recovery when getting beaten. He still has a long way to go on the defensive end, but has shown that he has the ability to make a difference, which will be important due to the current lack of foot speed on the team.

The Lakers made a good decision in bringing back Johnson for another season. If he is able to become more consistent, then he can be a huge asset. He should put up better offensive numbers with more playmakers on the team, but needs to assert himself defensively. If he is able to do that, then the Lakers will have gotten a steal this offseason.

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  • Craig Johnson

    good article, but it would appear that the Laker’s “aging veterans” are down to a select few….last year’s players Gasol, Blake, Kaman are gone with only Carlos Boozer in return that could possibly be labeled as such, who at 32, despite other shortcomings he could have, energy and stamina haven’t ever been among them….with Steve Nash either being waived or not likely to play a large role, the only other players (besides Boozer) looking at significant playing time who are over 27 years old, are Kobe and Nick Young…both of whom play with an intensity and passion younger than their years…..

    no, this Laker team (much like last year regarding playing time, if not the roster ages) isn’t an “old” team by any means…..quite the contrary, it is filled with young players of varying potential all 27 or under (most much younger)

    Lin’s signing was a good one….but not really because he brings youth to an “aging” team

  • wangkon936

    Looks like the Johnson/Henry tag team experiment at SF is gonna continue in 2014. I think Henry (if he stays healthy) is gonna get it.

    Johnson. A world of potential, but it’s between the ears where he’s got the issues. Everything below the neck is elite level. Just like Elden Campbell!