Boston Celtics Have Nothing To Lose With Evan Turner Signing

By RantSports Staff
Evan Turner
Getty Images

After several weeks of speculation, Evan Turner has found his new home. The 25-year old forward will reportedly sign a deal with the Boston Celtics.

This obviously means that he’ll be playing for his third team going into his fifth NBA season, and that his stint with the Indiana Pacers can officially be labeled as a failure.

Who knows how many teams expressed interest in signing Turner, but you have to believe multiple offers were on his table. The fact that he chose the Celtics shows that he’s looking for an opportunity to prove himself, rather than an opportunity to win games.

The Celtics aren’t going to be awful next season, but they’re not going to be good either. Perhaps Turner is looking for a chance to grow right along with his team? He’ll definitely get that chance Boston.

While it’s inaccurate to label Turner as a flop thus far in his career, it’s also hard to say he’s living up to No. 2 overall pick hype. But all in all he appears to be on pace for a solid NBA career. He’s averaged double-digits in each of his first four seasons, with an increase in PPG each year.

It’s too early to close the book on Turner as an NBA star, but the safe bet at this point is that he’ll end up being a solid No. 3 or 4 guy by the end of his time in the Association. He needs more time to development, and he’ll have that in Boston.

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