Kevin Love's Most Desirable Trade Destination is the Chicago Bulls

By Bradley Sturgeon
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Getty Images

What have we constantly heard from Kevin Love over the past few years? He wants to play for a team that is playoff ready now, not tomorrow. Obviously the Minnesota Timberwolves are not a team that is on that level. They have not been near that realm of success for the entirety of Love’s tenure, having missed the NBA playoffs every year since 2004. You can not blame the man for wanting to leave.

Let’s take a look at Love’s other suitors. The Boston Celtics have thrown around different scenarios to make an offer to Minnesota in pursuit of the All-Star PF. If they could somehow pull together a deal that would make sense for Minnesota, I would feel really sorry for Love. He would be leaving a struggling team for yet another struggling team. Luckily for him there is no way it will ever happen — sorry, Boston fans.

The Golden State Warriors have been involved in trade rumors with the Timberwolves for weeks now, but they have not developed any further. They are most likely out of the conversation now as it seems they are unwilling to give up Klay Thompson in the deal. This would be a terrible landing spot for Love, because if Thompson and David Lee are shipped to Minnesota, then the Warriors would be left with Stephen Curry and Love. A ‘Big 2’ doesn’t cut it these days.

Another inquirer for Love is the Cleveland Cavaliers. Yes, this team is coming together rather nicely, but do you really believe the Cavaliers will be championship material in the next couple of years? LeBron James makes this destination more reputable for sure, but there are plenty of inexperienced players on this team who will most likely take a few seasons to really attain the competitive level necessary to win a title.

Lastly, the Chicago Bulls are already seen by many analysts as the clear Eastern Conference favorites. The much-anticipated return of Derrick Rose alone puts them at the top. Can you imagine the odds in Las Vegas if Love were to join him? The Bulls have been a very active club this offseason. The signing of the highly sought after veteran big-man Pau Gasol and the acquisition of three-point specialist Doug McDermott have bolstered this team exponentially. They have cleared players like Carlos Boozer to create the cap-space needed to go after top players. The Bulls pursuit of Carmelo Anthony was not fruitful, but now they have the flexibility to add a high profile player such as Love. Joakim Noah and Love down low would be a nightmare for offenses all around the league. Love’s is focused on reaching the playoffs and obtaining rings. Therefore I’m certain he is praying he lands in Chicago, for a trade of some kind is inevitable.

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