Orlando Magic's Offseason Goal Is To Build Around Their Young Stars

By Kareem Gantt
Nikola Vucevic, Orlando Magic
David Manning- USA Today Sports

A lot of people did not understand what the Orlando Magic‘s goals were this summer. They signed a three-point specialist in Channing Frye, sent their veteran leader Aaron Afflalo back to the Rocky Mountains and signed a journeyman point guard in Luke Ridnour. Many Magic fans were hoping that the team would use their deep pockets to add veterans who can make the team competitive right now, as the Magic have done in years past.

But that is not the approach Magic GM Rob Hennigan is taking. He knows that the heart of the Magic’s talent lies in its extremely young core, and Hennigan set out on a mission this offseason to surround it with veterans who can be a guide for the youngsters next season.

In a lot of ways, Hennigan is providing today’s NBA with a throwback of how teams used to build their roster, opting to grow the talent already there instead of blowing money on a veteran free agent who could be a hit or a miss. Hennigan is going down the right path with this team, even though all on the naysayers say different.

It is important that the young stars go through their growing pains now, because this will only be beneficial to them down the road. Why would you spend millions of dollars just to get a free agent that will only get you to the playoffs and that’s it? The talent the Magic already have is capable of doing that.

So yes, I believe the Magic are on the right path, taking the short-term pain now for long-term gain. And when this team is among the top teams in the East in the next few years, I will be there to tell the naysayers I told you so.

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