Miami Heat Rumors: Could Iman Shumpert Be On The Move To South Beach?

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How do you effectively provide insurance for an aging superstar with chronically bad knees? Apparently you do so by trying to add a younger, more athletic star in the making who has experienced his own knee problems — and I’m definitely not talking about the offseason acquisition of Danny Granger.

On the surface, the league whispers are about former New York Knicks guard ToureMurry turning down offers from multiple teams in hopes of securing a contract from the Miami Heat. On the other hand, as news began to swell that Phil Jackson was looking to slim down his loaded backcourt, draft day rumors once again became the topic with Iman Shumpert playing the role of target.

The interesting thing about the talks is that Miami seemingly missed their opportunity to land the defensive specialist this past June. That’s something the South Florida Sun-Sentinel’s Ira Winderman addressed in today’s Ask Ira column:

“In hindsight, perhaps, but there also were salary-cap implications there. As it is, the Knicks seem to be having a backcourt fire sale, so perhaps we may yet get our first Phil Jackson-Pat Riley trade.”

Miami’s lack of first-round picks next season may hinder their ability to pull off a deal, but if the Knicks are searching for additional point guard help this could turn into a flattop for flattop move.

After all, it has already been established that the presence of Shabazz Napier made Norris Cole expendable, so why not ship him to New York when it would provide Dwyane Wade with a more than serviceable backup?

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  • 3dsoul27

    That might work great for Miami, but why on Earth would the Master do that? I like the Greg Monroe Rumors more than this one.

  • Brittany Robert


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  • Abdul Naffay

    bohat achy jnaab

  • Tim

    Trading Norris Cole will be a stupid move. He is the fastest player in Miami Heat team. Remember how he defended Stephenson in Pacer’s series. Noway, I will let Chalmers to go but Cole..

  • HiroProtagonist

    The Knicks have publicly stated that they have too many guards and need to balance their roster. So why would they trade one of those guards, and one of their only assets, for another guard?

  • k3n2s1

    Shabazz Napier = Iman Shumpert ? gotta wake up from your dream their man. I think every knowledgeable person knows that you’ll need more than that 1-for-1 swap for Shump