Ray Allen Has Plenty of Time To Be Retired, Should Join Cleveland Cavaliers

By Andrew Fisher
Ray Allen
Getty Images

Ray Allen has been in China promoting Nike, appearing on television shows and contemplating his future. He’s also been recovering from yet another deep postseason run, in what was his 18th NBA season. Although he’s in great shape for a 39-year old, you know his body is feeling all the mileage at this point.

It appears there are two options on the table for the best three-point shooter in NBA history: (1) Retire. (2) Return for a 19th season with Cleveland Cavaliers.

Option two is really more about play alongside LeBron James, and obviously about another chance at championship gold. The latest buzz is that Allen-to-Cleveland is becoming the most likely reality in 2014-15:

The veteran sharpshooter is set to undergo MRIs on Thursday to get an idea what kind of shape his knees are in.

Allen’s health has to be the number one priority here. If he’s at risk to do permanent damage to his body, he needs to hang up his sneakers. If 82 games and four rounds of playoffs is too much at this point, he should call it a career.

But if his Docs give him a good report — why not come back for a 19th season?

While Allen is a dinosaur in NBA years, he’s only about halfway through a normal person’s working life. He’s got plenty of time to be retired and to enjoy all that goes along with those years.

The time he has left to play high-level NBA basketball is ticking away. If his body is up to the task, and judging by the way he looked in the NBA Finals this past June I’d say it is, Allen needs to take the veteran’s minimum salary and head to Cleveland.

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