Atlanta Hawks Rumors: Shelvin Mack Signing Means Dennis Schroder Will Be Traded

By Bradley Sturgeon
Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Hawks have agreed to terms with free agent guard Shelvin Mack for a three-year contract worth $7.3 million.

Mack’s return to Atlanta is a great bolster to the depth chart behind starting point-guard Jeff Teague. The length of this contract shows the confidence that Atlanta has in the young guard. This retaining of Mack also gives traction to trade rumors involving Dennis Schroder.

Atlanta has been working all offseason to make a move in acquiring additional assets to gain leverage in the trade market. The long-term contract for Mack most likely means that Schroder will be used as trade bait along with a draft pick in order to obtain a more prominent SG.

Kyle Korver is the solid starter and Kent Bazemore has some improving to accomplish. The Hawks would certainly like to make a move in which a reliable backup can provide immediate scoring ability from the bench behind Korver.

Mack’s signing leaves the Hawks with only a few players left in limbo. Mike Scott and draft picks Adrian Payne and Lamar Patterson have yet to sign with Atlanta. If Atlanta decides to sign Patterson, then he would be used as a trade pawn like Schroder. The PG position is too deep to keep all four players.

Mack is a fan favorite who always inspires the Atlanta crowd, but many believe Schroder could develop into the future starting role for Atlanta. He has shown only a few flashes of brilliance to support this thinking, for his play has mostly been erratic at best. Schroder had a very good Summer League performance in leading the squad to a couple of impressive victories, so I think the Hawks will take advantage of the momentum and buzz at this time to find a deal and trade him.

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