Chris Paul, Los Angeles Clippers Should Boycott Donald Sterling-Owned Team

By RantSports Staff
Chris Paul
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Clippers were hoping that they wouldn’t have to threaten things like a complete boycott again. It was unfortunately just a couple months back the last time the team’s status was in question following the leak of racist audio from owner Donald Sterling.

It’s now almost August, and Sterling is still technically the owner of the Clippers. An agreement is in place to sell the team to Steve Ballmer, but Sterling is dragging his feet and putting the legal process on his side to delay the sale. This delay could cause a boycott led by Chris Paul and Doc Rivers.

“That’s something me and Doc are both talking about. We’re all going to talk about it. Doc, Blake (Griffin), DJ (DeAndre Jordan). It’s unacceptable,” Paul said via ESPN.

Not only should they talk about it, they should do it. The Clippers’ players have all the leverage in this situation. Everyone is going to be on their side. The problem is, Sterling doesn’t care. He only cares about himself and his money. And given his rumored mental state, who knows what he’s really thinking?

Regardless, no amount of pressure is going to dissuade him from trying to keep ownership of the team.

Sterling is an awful person and the players and coaches would be well within their rights to say no. Sure, it’s just a technicality at this juncture. Sterling is only the owner on paper. But as in many cases, it’s the principle of the matter.

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